SPARE is among the best projects!

SPARE is among the best projects!

SPARE has been recognized as one of the top educational environmental projects in Belarus. The activity of the project has been presented at the annual Festival of Informal Education held in Minsk in the beginning of December 2014.

There is no other project in Belarus having such geographical coverage, diversity of topics and the number of participants.

A great many educational activities, workshops and trainings for teachers and students, as well as contests and festivals dedicated to energy saving are organized within the framework of SPARE every year. Teachers receive assistance in the development of educational materials, teaching methods and practical guides in the field of resource and energy saving and climate change.

The following initiatives: interactive festivals for children of preschool age “Green Weekend”, “Children’s Workshops”, youth educational center “Ecostart”, program “The School of Ecoactivist”, trainings for parents “Chemicals in Goods”, “Online School of Environmental Friendly Lifestyle”, etc. have been also presented as successful environmental projects in the field of informal education.

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