School Energy Saving Museum-Laboratory

Teachers of the school #12 of the city of Grodno initiated an interesting project. This school has been engaged in resource and energy saving activities at different levels – from schoolchildren to school administration long ago. The school is well-known in the city due to its environmental educational initiatives and achievements. After winning the SPARE competition Energy Efficient Educational Institution the school moved to a new level and established an educational energy saving museum for schoolchildren and their parents.

- Mini project Energy Saving Museum-Laboratory was one of the most sophisticated and thoughtful projects submitted for award, - says Natalya Andreenko, National Coordinator SPARE. – Moreover, all school submissions have been evaluated by an energy auditor. This school received maximum scores, it means that they are very effective in this field trying to “patch” all holes that let heat to escape.

The partners of SPARE hope that the museum will provide a space for accumulation and sharing of valuable information to other schools. Today it is very important to work with children on energy saving and climate change related issues. More photos from the opening ceremony can be viewed at:

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